Merchantrade’s MVNO service will be led by Valyou

KUALA LUMPUR: Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd (Merchantrade) is transferring its mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) business to Valyou Sdn Bhd (Valyou), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd (Merchantrade).

Valyou will now be in charge of Merchantrade’s MVNO service, growth strategy, and performance, according to Ramasamy K Veeran, the company’s founder and managing director.

“This corporate exercise has enormous value for us since it aligns our internal focuses, allowing us to establish stronger holistic plans across our value chain.”

“Growth is our primary focus,” he said in a statement today. “These reforms will support our pursuit of this.”

By transferring the MVNO service to Valyou, two distinct companies with distinct regulatory and business features will emerge, both leading their own industries.

Merchantrade and Valyou expect the separation to sharpen their focus and allow them to make more nimble decisions, according to Merchantrade.

It will also allow for a stronger focus on improving the customer experience, responding to channel trends, and unambiguous delivery accountability.

Merchantrade and Valyou will be significantly better positioned to take advantage of their respective market positions, priorities, and growth drivers in order to achieve long-term, profitable growth and increased shareholder value.

“Valyou, which was created to enable cutting-edge services, we believe, has the ability and experience to set the company on a solid growth path. Valyou will continue to be a strong digital enabler, especially among the targeted categories, we are convinced “Ramasamy explained.

According to Valyou CEO Ravi Vamathevan, “today marks the start of an exciting new chapter for Valyou.”

“We’ll be able to move faster on our aim to provide better connectivity to more customers.”

“At Valyou, we want to differentiate the business by leveraging technology, data points, and analytics to better understand our consumers’ behaviour and produce products tailored to their individual needs,” he stated.

In addition, the firm will debut a redesigned brand and a new pack design that reflects exuberance, energy, and quick connectivity.

The updated helloSim packs will continue to be distributed through Merchantrade’s branches and thorough touchpoint coverage in migrant populated areas as part of maintaining the strong link with its loyal clients.

Valyou plans to work closely with local and international partners in the future to guarantee that it provides the best products and services to its target market while also expanding its portfolio with new products and value-added services.