Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Wellbeing

Engaging with customers via games and other fun activities at our booth

Participation in Greenback events (4 Sept & 20 Nov 2016)

The Greenback project is a joint-effort by World Bank & Bank Negara Malaysia which was launched in late 2015. The aim of this program is to promote awareness & access to trusted remittance service providers enabling the migrant communities in Malaysia to securely transfer money to their families back home as well as to help SMEs with their cross-border payments.

Merchantrade leverages on these events to Engage, Educate & Acquire.

Donations to support flood victims in Northern States (January 2021)

  • In January 2021, over 20,000 people located mostly in the northern states of Malaysia were evacuated from their homes due to flooding.¬†¬†
  • Our team of volunteers from Merchantrade reached out to flood victims to distribute food and either essential items e.g food, clothing, bedding, etc.

CSR Project: #Give Eid Back (30 May 2019)

  • Celebrating the holy Muslim month of Ramadhan by visiting and distributing food to migrant workers in rural locations¬†
  • Collaborating with The Picha Project; a social enterprise that empowers refugees through access to sustainable employment opportunities.