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Send money smarter with Valyou Wallet. Licensed and regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia, Valyou offers secure and hassle-free money transfers from Malaysia to destinations like Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, and more.

Our mobile wallet app also features convenient peer-to-peer transfers, prepaid top-ups, bill payments, and more. Experience the power of Valyou today!

Cash In & Cash Out

Deposit & Withdraw Funds: Add Money to Your e-Wallet & Cash Out

Bill Payment

Choose to pay any outstanding bill in the Valyou Wallet

Mobile Prepaid

Pay your prepaid mobile bill anytime via the Valyou Wallet

Insurance Coming Soon

asdsPurchase travel coverage via this Valyou Wallet feature

International Remittance

Customer is able to send money to overseas bank accounts or as cash pickup to their family and friends

Peer to Peer Transfer

Send money to another Valyou Wallet user in a few clicks

Cash In & Cash Out

Easy Transaction Process: Merchant-Customer QR Scanning for Cash Payments

Bill Payment

Merchant able to pay any available Bill in the Valyou wallet

Mobile Prepaid Top-Up

Convenient Payment Option for Merchants to pay prepaid bill with Valyou Wallet

Insurance Coming Soon

Merchant can purchase travel insurance via the valyou wallet

International Remittance

Simplified Merchant Services by Helping Customers to send money overseas

Merchant Transfer to Merchant

Seamless Merchant Money Transfers by send funds to other Valyou merchants in wallet

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How to Register

Quick and Easy Steps to Register with Valyou Wallet

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How to Send Money

Easily Send Money with Valyou Wallet App: Step-by-Step Guide

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How To Top-Up

Conveniently Top-Up with Valyou Wallet App: Step-by-Step Instructions

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Effortlessly Send Money and Embrace a Smarter Lifestyle with Valyou Wallet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)