RM20,000 Saved My Family From Financial Issues

“Insurance helped provide for me and my son after my wife suddenly passed on.”

Amy’s husband tells his story:

During the pandemic, my late wife fell sick. She had a severe case of asthma over the past few years. I was the main breadwinner of the family; working as a clerk and most of my income went towards her medical expenses. I used to worry about her health, our financial situation and our two-year-old son all the time. 

Then we heard about the Perlindungan Tenang Voucher from the staff at Merchantrade Pasir Gudang branch. My wife was encouraged to redeem the voucher and the staff guided us to purchase her first insurance policy.

I always knew insurance was important, but the reality hit when she passed on. Our family’s financial burden grew and we were experiencing financial distress. The claims payment of RM20,000 eased much of our troubles. I was able to settle the affairs of my late wife, her school loans, and still ensure that our child has a bright future to look forward to. Insurance has helped keep us afloat during these trying times. It’s made me realize its importance – I’m going to purchase insurance for myself moving forward to ensure if anything were to happen to me, my son will be able to carry on comfortably.


“My brother knew he had a dangerous job, and redeemed the Perlindungan Tenang Voucher to protect us.”

Alif’s sister tells her story:

My sister works in Merchantrade Bayan Lepas branch, she had shared with us about this new Perlindungan Tenang Voucher (PTV) program and had helped my brother redeem it. My brother was young and healthy, he was an Auxillary Police Officer (Police Bantuan) and had insurance coverage from his employment. When he received the PTV, it was a rather simple sign-up process so he decided on additional coverage, due to the high-risk nature of his job i.e. constantly on the go, working late night shifts, etc.

He was fit and in good shape till late last year, when he got into a fatal motor bike accident, suffered severe injuries to his head and chest, and had passed away on the spot.

Thankfully, he was single and didn’t have a wife and children to care for; though we haven’t gotten over the trauma of losing him. The RM20K claims money helped to settle my late brother’s car loan of RM30K. Our other brother settled the remaining balance of RM10K. We’ve collectively decided to keep the car in remembrance of my late brother. Insurance is extremely important, especially with the increased occupational risk. I’m glad he understood that and got ahold of additional coverage.

For BKM recipients, redeem your RM75 voucher here


“My husband suffered complications from diabetes and found Merchantrade Insure Life at the right time to care for his family after his sudden passing.”

Razif’s wife tells her story:

He was feeling light headed, so we rushed to the nearest clinic. While the doctors were examining him, he had breathing difficulties. Not long after, he passed away.

My husband had a history of diabetes. I’m grateful that he had found Merchantrade Insure Life at the right time and had redeemed the RM50* Perlindungan Tenang voucher. This was his first insurance. We had never invested in insurance prior to this as our monthly earnings were just enough to take care of our expenses.

I’m thankful for the RM20,000 in claims money that I’ve received. It has come in handy managing the household expenses and my children’s education as school has just reopened. The rest of the money will be invested in our mini food business at the local pasar malam (night market) and on my children’s education.

I didn’t know much about insurance then, but I know the value of it now when it comes to unforeseen circumstances – it’s about securing a comfortable financial future for your loved ones.

*Perlindungan Tenang Voucher is now valued at RM75.


“I’m grateful that my aging mother had friends who encouraged her to redeem the Perlindungan Tenang Voucher to secure financial coverage for us.”

Saratha’s daughter tells her story:

My mom redeemed the Perlindugan Tenang Voucher (PTV) after her friends introduced it to her. She was worried about her age and her financial status at that point. While she was still able to carry on with all her day-to-day activities, my siblings and I noticed that her health was not as good as those day due to age. Growing up, life wasn’t always easy for us as my father had passed away when I was eight years old. My mom became a single mother, and she had to work twice or thrice as hard to put food on the table hence this took a toll on her own health.

Losing her was definitely not easy, but I’m glad we received the RM20K claims money from Merchantrade as it helped ease our financial burdens. We received the funds within 5 working days and used the funds to pay off outstanding debts, and it feels great to be living a debt free life right now. It goes to show how important insurance is, especially in providing a cushion during difficult times. It has definitely had a liberating impact on me and my family.