Overseas Travel Insurances
Cashless medical treatment
For hospitals overseas
Cashless medical treatment
Up to RM800k
For medical expenses
Up to RM800k
Covers Covid-19
No extra charges
Covers Covid-19
Choose your plan
Travel dates
Ages 18-69
Ages 0-17
Ages above 70

From as low as RM 57

Chubb Travel Insurance

Sum Insured (RM)
Covers Covid-19
Medical Expenses (up to age 69)
Due to Accident
Up to RM800,000
Due to Sickness
Up to RM450,000
Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
Travel Cancellation
RM 50,000
Travel Curtailment
RM 50,000
Loss or Damage of Personal Belongings & Baggage
RM 5,000
Home Inconvenience (e.g. burglary / fire)
RM 3,000
The above is not exhaustive. Please refer to the policy wording for the full details of coverage, exclusions, terms and conditions.

Product Benefits - COVID-19 related

  • 1
    Will I be covered under the Covid-19 benefits of the policy if I'm not fully vaccinated against Covid-19?
    No, the policy excludes anyone who has not been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.
  • 2
    Do I need to take a Covid-19 test before purchasing a coverage under the policy?
    No, you do not need to take a Covid-19 test before purchasing a coverage under the policy. However, if your purchase is made after testing positive for Covid-19, you will not be covered under the Travel Cancellation due to Covid-19 benefit, your coverage will cease to be effective immediately when the trip is cancelled.
  • 3
    My family member whom I live together with but not travelling with me, has tested positive. Can I file for Travel Cancellation?
    Based on the given example, the scenario is not claimable as close contact with infected family member are not within Specified Cause. Claim assessment will be ruled out firstly by referring to latest government SOP. Then refer to the Specified Cause mentioned in pg.60 of the policy wording.
  • 4
    My travel companion has tested positive for Covid-19, and as a close contact, my travel journey is being curtailed. Can I claim?
    Yes, you can make a claim under the Travel Curtailment benefit, which covers the unused portion of your paid expenses and any additional administrative expenses incurred to amend your original travel ticket. This scenario falls under the Specified Causes stated in the policy.
  • 5
    The relevant authority in the country has advised me to quarantine in a hotel as there are no available beds in the hospital; OR it is a regulation of the country for tourists to quarantine in a hotel. Can I claim?
    Yes, this scenario is claimable. Claim assessment will first refer to the latest government Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Then, it will refer back to the Specified Causes mentioned on page 60 of the policy.
  • 6
    I was advised by a local doctor to quarantine at a hotel, but I did not overstay. Can I get a reimbursement?
    Yes, we will reimburse the expenses that you paid in advance, up to the amount of the loss of deposit.
  • 7
    What happens if I test positive for Covid-19 on the last day or 48-72 hours before returning to Malaysia, which results in quarantine and overstaying?
    This scenario will be covered under the Specified Causes of the Travel Curtailment benefit, and we will reimburse curtailment expenses incurred, subject to the policy terms and conditions. However, this coverage is only effective if the coverage is purchased before you become aware of the above circumstances.
  • 8
    Do I need to amend the return date of my policy due to the above situation?
    No, you do not need to amend the return date of your policy, as the policy will automatically extend until you are allowed to return to Malaysia.


  • 9
    Can I buy this insurance plan once I have arrived at my destination?
    No, all coverages must be purchased before you start the journey.
  • 10
    Can I buy this insurance plan if my flight is departing from a neighboring country (e.g. Singapore)?
    No, all coverages must be purchased before you start the journey from Malaysia.
  • 11
    Can I purchase this insurance plan if I am travelling to another country for employment or residence?
    Yes, you may purchase a one-way journey insurance plan. Coverage will terminate at 11:59 p.m. on the expiry date of the Period of Insurance specified in the Certificate of Insurance or when you arrive at the airport in the destination country.
  • 12
    Who is covered under the Family Plan?
    The Family Plan covers you, your legal spouse, and/or your legal children. Your children must be between 30 days old and 17 years old on the departure date.
  • 13
    Who should I contact if I need emergency assistance while overseas? (e.g. hospital admission)
    Please call Chubb Assistance 24/7 Hotline : +603 7628 3703
  • 14
    How do I enjoy cashless medical treatment benefits for hospitalization overseas?
    If you need to be hospitalized during your trip overseas, you can call the Chubb Assistance 24/7 Hotline at +603 7628 3703 to arrange for cashless medical treatment. Chubb will provide a guarantee letter so that you can be admitted to the hospital without having to pay for any medical bills out of your own pocket.
  • 15
    What are the charges included in Total Premium?
    Total premium includes 25% agent commission payable to Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd.
  • 16
    Is there any alternate travel product?
    This is a product specifically designed and made available for Merchantrade users only. For alternate products, you may visit Chubb's branches to enjoy premium rebate.
  • 17
    Is there any travel prohibition?
    PLEASE NOTE THAT travel prohibition to Israel is imposed by the Government of Malaysia on all Malaysia citizens. As a Malaysia citizen, if you choose “Israel” as your travel destination in our system, you must obtain all the necessary approvals/permits from the Malaysia authorities before purchasing the insurance. Your claim(s) under the insurance policy (if any) may still be subject to the applicable sanction restrictions and the Sanctions Exclusion clause applicable to the insurance policy. If you fail to obtain the necessary approvals/permits, your claim(s) may be fully or partially rejected and/or be subject to the applicable sanctions restrictions and our rights are reserved.
  • 18
    How can I get further inquiries?
    Should You require additional information about this insurance product, please refer to the insurance info booklet on ‘Travel Insurance’, available at all Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad (“Chubb”) branches or You can obtain a copy from the insurance agent or visit If You have any enquiries, please contact Chubb at: Toll-Free : 1 800 88 2846 E-mail: [email protected]

Policy and Claim

  • 19
    Can I cancel my Policy?
    You may cancel this Policy at any time by giving written notice to Chubb. In the event of such cancellation: - For Single Trip: Chubb will provide refund of premium without interest, provided the Period of Insurance stated on the Certificate of Insurance has not commenced and not claim has arisen. - For Annual Plan: Chubb will provide refund of premium, computed in accordance with the applicable percentage indicated below provided not claim has arisen:
    Policy Period in Force (up to)Refund of Annual Premium
    2 Months (Minimum)60%
    3 Months50%
    4 Months40%
    5 Months30%
    6 Months25%
    Period exceeding 6 monthsNo refund
  • 20
    When and how do I receive the Certificate of Insurance?
    You will receive the Certificate of Insurance via email in real time once payment of premium has been made.
  • 21
    How do I file for a claim?
    Download the claim form at and send your claim to [email protected]. For claim assistance, please call the Hotline: 1 800 88 2846 (Within Malaysia) / +603 2058 3000 (Outside Malaysia)
  • 22
    When do I have to notify Chubb of a claim?
    You are advised to submit all claims within 30 days from the date of event.
  • 23
    How do I nominate a beneficiary?
    You can make a nomination by filling up the Nomination Form and submit them via email to Chubb at [email protected].
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